Summer is here!!

Hey guys! It’s Gfox0 here, and ITS FINALLY SUMMER YES! I FINALLY had my last day of school yesterday, and I’m FREEEEEE! Sorry I’m just so happy to be out of school 😂

Also, I’m gonna be fourteen in a few days! (June 4th if you’re wondering what day) and I’m so ready. Seriously.. I feel like I’ve been thirteen forever!

Also, for those who saw my last post I finally got a phantom beanie! (I took down the post because I was asking if anyone had one and now I do!

But yeah, those are just a few updates, for those who read my blog.

Anyways, see you soon! Peace.


Happy Late Easter!

Sorry for not posting a Happy Easter post, but I hope you all had a great Easter!

Mine wasn’t the best, but I did get some really delicious chocolate (like Reese’s which is my favorite chocolate 🤤)

Cocoa and Cinnamon are doing great, they really love to listen to music, and they enjoy basking in the sun.

Art dump:

I’ve done more, but these are my favorites. I did the first one last night, and the second one just a bit ago.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great day and peace ✌️

Happy March!

Hello! How have you all been? I’ve been doing pretty good! Happy March! Man I feel like 2018 just started but now it’s March? This year is rushing by!

Ja asked for me to post a drawing I drew so here’s one! It’s my icon on YouTube haha!

Well, I’m going to go now, see you all soon!


Hello guys! How’ve you all been? I hope you’ve been great I’m so sorry I didn’t post a Christmas post or a New Years post 😦

But here’s some pictures of Cocoa and Cinnamon since I know some of you are curious to how they’re doing! They have been eating lots of veggies and hay!

Well comment below and tell me how you have been as well! Love you all and peace

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I hope you’re all excited as I am for Christmas because I am PUMPED. We already have been getting some snow lately which is so exciting, it really gets you into the holiday spirit!

What did you ask for for Christmas and have you gotten any snow yet?

What’s up?!

It’s legit been FOREVER since I’ve posted! How are you guys?!

I apologize for not posting more update posts, ive been so busy with the holidays and with in real life stuff! I hope everyone is doing well though!!