Happy March!

Hello! How have you all been? I’ve been doing pretty good! Happy March! Man I feel like 2018 just started but now it’s March? This year is rushing by!

Ja asked for me to post a drawing I drew so here’s one! It’s my icon on YouTube haha!

Well, I’m going to go now, see you all soon!



Hello guys! How’ve you all been? I hope you’ve been great I’m so sorry I didn’t post a Christmas post or a New Years post 😦

But here’s some pictures of Cocoa and Cinnamon since I know some of you are curious to how they’re doing! They have been eating lots of veggies and hay!

Well comment below and tell me how you have been as well! Love you all and peace

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I hope you’re all excited as I am for Christmas because I am PUMPED. We already have been getting some snow lately which is so exciting, it really gets you into the holiday spirit!

What did you ask for for Christmas and have you gotten any snow yet?

What’s up?!

It’s legit been FOREVER since I’ve posted! How are you guys?!

I apologize for not posting more update posts, ive been so busy with the holidays and with in real life stuff! I hope everyone is doing well though!!

Is This Goodbye?

Hello everyone!

Sorry if the title startled you! I just really want you guys to read this post. It’s important.

I have made my desicion. 

So what is my decision you may be wondering? Here it is:

I will be posting ONCE or TWICE a month updating you on how I am, etc. if I do not feel/want to post any, I will still post ATLEAST once a month! 

As for all my series, they are CANCELED.

No more FJ, etc.

I’m super sorry to do this to you all, but if you still wanna read the old chapters of FJ, feel free to! 

But, I still will be continuing Journey Of The Sisters, though!

On a side not, thank you for 46 subscribers! I will literally scream if I hit fifty 😂

I love you guys so so so much, always remember that. Whether I do or don’t post, I love you all. ALWAYS remember that.

I will be talking to you all in the comments also! 

Well, until next month… see you guys! 

Peace out peeps!


I found who the impersonator is.

They are really mean, and they are stealing me, sarahkey8’s, and Graciepopstar91’s identities.

PLEASE steer clear of this person. They are trying to ruin the blogging community!

Kinda weird how this is like cheetahgirl1234 in the blogger stories……

Social media.

Yeah, if any of you wanna call or talk, I have the following:

Instagram, Discord, Skype, Hangouts, and Snapchat. 

I’m in a very crappy mood rn.

Anyways comment below if you’d like any of that stuff and we can call! 

Stop it. Now.

I’m getting sick of whoever you are PRETENDING to be me. I do NOT EVER sign in on computer and blog, I don’t ever comment saying “I’m quitting Aj I’m giving away my items” 




You need to STOP. You are ruining blogging. And this is one of the reasons I’m quitting. STOP STEALING MY IDENTITY.

 You are making me extremely upset.

This is SO unessacary!

And if it’s one of the bloggers, I hope that you stop and I hope your blog gets deleted. You don’t deserve any fame WHAT SO EVER if you are a blogger doing this.

I PROMISE you, if you tell me who’s doing this, I won’t as mad as I am now. 

Did you know stealing people’s identity is against the law? Did you know you could go to JAIL for harassment? Do you want that to happen? 

No. I don’t think you do.

So whoever is doing this, you better say so, because this is concerning me. 

I’ve never hated blogging so much in my life. 

Dissapointing how fake some people can be. 


And this isn’t helping ME mentally. I lost my best friend, have been told to kill myself, and NOW THIS. You have NO idea how much I get bullied on social media. (I’d never kill myself, that’s very bad and unhealthy so no lol) 

I can’t take this anymore! If I see it one more time, I WILL consider quitting. FOREVER.